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I asked him: "how? "Jade wingceltis said:" 14 Ye is a martial artist, physique the than the average man. Lin Yali and Ceng Yanna two people just to me full of the hostility, everywhere I see not pleasing to the eye, and I can't get through. Xue Gongcan is a famous hotel executive director, handsome and more gold, calm and calm, not to put Yu Ling in the eyes, not thinking in the future or with this girl has a lot of things. He slowly turn back, hands lying on the floor, slowly, heavily knock three heads, head touchdown voice could be heard clearly, loudly and said: "! Er Chen Xie Huang Ama" eighth son also slowly and he sat down. That a few years later have been wasted, the entire love market raging forward, not in place waiting for you, life can also have a lot of possibilities. In social occasions, if there are three people, one of them may be the "secondary"". 10 Elder brother stuck his head back around the windows for a moment, then withdrew it, wonder and asked me, "What you just saw?" I surprised a moment, another smile, "Look at what does not tell you. Perhaps, many of the marks are clear, and many of us are vague.